Federal EPA e-Manifest

e-Manifest was launched nationwide on June 30, 2018.  As no hauler currently has an end-to-end electronic manifesting system that interfaces with the EPA, the current paper-based system will persist for the short-term.  However, TSDFs (treatment, storage and disposal facilities) must now submit manifests electronically to the EPA at a cost of $4 – $20 per manifest. This cost will be passed on to generators either by increased hauling fees or by itemizing the fee out separately.

Generators who wish to review the manifests that are uploaded by their TSDF can register for a free EPA e-Manifest account at https://rcrainfo.epa.gov/rcrainfoprod/action/public/industry-register/new-account, but there is no requirement to do so at this time.  The EPA’s goal is to completely eliminate the use of paper manifests within five years and it will undoubtedly take some time before this new process is smoothed-out.