Cal-OSHA Workplace Violence Prevention Program

Starting July 1, 2024, the majority of employers in California must establish, implement, and maintain a Workplace Violence Prevention Plan. Every covered employer is required to establish, implement, and maintain an effective workplace violence prevention plan. Cal-OSHA will continue to write Workplace Violence Prevention regulations AFTER July 1, so it is likely that these documents will have to be updated at a future date.

Written Plan Requirements:

The names of persons responsible for its implementation.

Effective procedures for employee involvement in developing and implementing the plan.

Methods to coordinate implementation of the plan with other employers, when applicable.

Procedures for employers to handle and respond to reports of workplace violence, while ensuring no retaliation against the reporting employee.

Procedures to ensure compliance from employees, and supervisors.
○ Procedures to communicate with employees regarding workplace violence matters.

Emergency response protocols.

Training provisions.

Procedures to identify and evaluate workplace violence hazards that include inspections with the following frequency: ▪ When the plan is first set up. ▪ Periodically scheduled. ▪ After violent incidents. ▪ Whenever a new hazard becomes known.

Procedures to timely correct workplace violence hazards identified and evaluated.

Procedures for post-incident response and investigation.

Procedures that allow for plan review: ▪ Annually. ▪ When a deficiency is observed or becomes apparent. ▪ After a workplace violence incident.

Violent Incident Log Requirements:

Employers must maintain a log of all incidents of workplace violence even if the incident did not result in injury. This log must include information on every workplace violence incident, based on employee statements, witness statements, and investigation findings.

Employee Training:

Employers must provide effective training and ensure that training materials are easy to understand and match the workers’ education, reading skills, and language.

Employers must provide employees with an initial training and annually thereafter.

The training is required to cover various aspects, including the following:
○ Familiarizing employees with the plan, how to obtain a copy, and how to participate in the development and implementation of the employer’s plan.

Definitions and requirements of Labor Code section 6401.9.

How to report workplace violence incidents without fear of retaliation.

Understanding of job-specific violence hazards and preventive measures.

Purpose of the violent incident log and how to obtain related records.

Opportunities for interactive discussions with someone knowledgeable about the employer’s plan

Record-Keeping Requirements:

The plan must be in writing and easily accessible to employees, authorized employee representatives, and Cal/OSHA representatives.

Records of workplace violence hazard identification, evaluation, and correction must be created and maintained for a minimum of five years.

Training records must be created and maintained for a minimum of one year.

Violent incident logs must be maintained for a minimum of five years.

Records of workplace violence incident investigations under must be maintained for a minimum of five years.

MCS has provided the following documents for its clients:

Workplace Violence Prevention Plan (English & Spanish): Be sure to update it with your company name and the name and title of the person(s) in charge of the program (Workplace Violence Prevention Program Administrator). Read through the plan carefully to make sure everything applies to your specific workplace.

Workplace Violence Security Checklist: This checklist is to be filled out by the Program Administrator every quarter (though less frequent options are available), helps ensure your workplace security measures are up-to-date. Regular documentation is key for compliance with safety regulations.

Employee Training (English & Spanish):

    • Written Version: A two-page handout (suitable for distributing with paychecks) that explains workplace violence prevention. Update it to include the Program Administrator’s name and title.

    • Online Module: This free online training course (available in English and Spanish) requires no login information. Upon completion, the system can only email a certificate to one address. Employees can either forward it to their supervisor or enter the supervisor’s email during the course. Completion data is tracked in an Excel spreadsheet, which can be forwarded upon request.